Friday, March 7, 2014

How to Create JMS Queue and Topic in Weblogic Server

This blog explains about crating JMS Module and JMS Queue
1. Create JMS Module, Here is brief explanation about JMS Module

JMS system resources are configured and stored as modules similar to standard J2EE modules. Such resources include queues, topics, connection factories, templates, destination keys, quota, distributed queues, distributed topics, foreign servers, and JMS store-and-forward (SAF) parameters. You can administratively configure and manage JMS system modules as global system resources.

- Enter the JMS Module Name and meaningful description.

- Choose the server where you want to deploy the JMS Module

- Choose Finish

- JMS Module successfully created

   Creating JMS Queue

Select the JMS Module and click on New button

- Here is brief explanation about JMS Queue

- Select the Queue and click on Next

- Give meaningful name for queue and JNDI. This allows to uniquely identify the resources in a JMSModule

Choose if there is any existing sub deployments created for the JMSModule, otherwise create new subdeployment
- Give meaningful sub deployment name

- Choose the appropriate JMS Server for and click on 'Finish'
- JMS Queue successfully created

Creating Topic

- Follow the same steps as above mentioned , instead of 'Queue' select 'Topic' in a JMSModule

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